This summary has been compiled from a NORSC commissioned report prepared by Dr Andy Wells. Information for thereport was gathered from public sources and from visits and interviews with the principal academics (York, Professors James Clark and Ray Marriot; Durham, Professor Andy Whiting and Dr Phil Dyer; Leeds Professors John Blacker and Professor Chris Rayner; Newcastle, Professor Mike Green) at the current lead universities between Dec 2010 and Jan 2011. These discussions focused on the timing and vision for moving NORSC forward, and reviewing the technical capabilities
offered by each institution.

Chemistry: a major driving force in UK science and source of innovation

Chemistry remains one of the key enabling technologies which are critical to the economic health and wellbeing of the UK economy and population. Chemical sciences contribute:

  • Approximately 260 billion pounds contribution to the UK (21% of GDP);
  • 6 million UK jobs;
  • Almost 15% of all exports from the UK;
  • To the UK being recognized as a world leader in this area and a significant driver to do business in the UK.